AI Policy Hub


The AI Policy Hub aims to improve the understanding of the opportunities and implications of AI and Society, to help policymakers design and monitor effective AI policies, and to share expertise and resources about the impact of AI and Society.

AI Safety

What are the safety issues

Ensuring that the deployment of AI applications are safe and beneficial to humanity.

AI Legal

Aligning the values of intelligent agents with that of humanity.

Understanding how AI fits within existing legal systems and potential inconsistencies.

AI Technologies

What can AI do today

Intelligent agents, recommender systems, chatbots, robots, social robots, advertising, nudging, reasoning, prediction, ...


Links to AI Advancement and Policy Resources and the AI Newsbot

AI Ethics

Ethical challenges created by AI

Aligning the values of intelligent agents with that of humanity..

AI and Governance                        AI is disruptive the nature of governance 

Helping Executives and Directors understand the impact of AI .

   AI Entrepreneurship            Exploring new ventures with AI

Creating and sharing new start up ventures applications to address AI Policy problems.


Global AI Challenges                          Learning from each other

Identifying transnational issues with AI and forming cooperative networks to help overcome these challenges.

AI Policy Hub, Palo Alto CA 94301
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